Welcome to Happy Hippy Pets Online Store.

Happy Hippy Pets was born with the idea to offer animal lovers natural alternative choices to treat and care for their pets.

We have 25 +years experience with horses and dogs and other farm animals, and have been treating them naturally for many years after discovering that conventional treatments weren’t fixing the problems we were experiencing.

Some of the products we stock are ones that we use or have used ourselves on our animals with good success.

After studying 4 years of human naturopathy and Nutrition, I decided that it wasn’t for me and I needed to follow my heart which was becoming a Naturopath for Equines and small animal companions. So I am currently increasing my skills and knowledge and completing my Diplomas in Naturopathy and Nutrition for animals so that I can help animals and their owners!! It is a very exciting journey!!

We always recommend to seek Veterinary advice!! We are not Vets, we just offer products you may be able to use in conjunction with standard treatments or on their own.